Hagé does more than just import and sell. Thanks to our relationship with The Greenery, we offer an extensive package of services, covering issues ranging from food safety to sustainability.


We also support our supply chain partners with specific and tailored advice on product marketing, logistics and effective quality assurance.

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to respond fully and effectively to industry needs and developments. Their commitment represents our added value. Hagé aims to offer the best in products and services, That can only happen if we are engaged with our customers and closely involved with the quality of our production.

Marketing and innovation

Together with our growers and seed companies, we constantly seek new varieties of produce and innovative production technologies. We also work with our growers and seed companies to identify opportunities to maximise the value of the harvest. With our production, promotion and market expertise, we help our partners to respond fully and effectively to customer needs, providing tailored advice based on our product and market knowledge. We develop distinctive types of packaging and organise campaigns and special offers to match supply with demand. If required, we can also link growers directly to retailers. This supports mutual trust and makes the supply chain even shorter.


Hagé's products form part of The Greenery's efficient and reliable distribution channel. We cover the entire logistics process, from grower to the shop. Thanks to our tracking and tracingsysteem, we always know the location of any particular shipment. This enables us to respond early to avert potential problems. For transport by road, we use our own logistics service provider Dijco to keep the supply chain short and effective.