Food Safety

Consumers should always be able to rely on safe, good quality products. This is why Hagé and our growers make every possible effort to guarantee the safety of our products.

Food Safety

Our Quality and Environment Department pursues a proactive policy on food safety so that we can provide effective guidance to our suppliers and continuously monitor the quality of our products.

Our policy requires that suppliers:

  • hold a GlobalGap certificate as a minimum requirement;
  • grow their crops in accordance with statutory requirements;
  • comply with the statutory maximum residue limit (MRL).

Customers can also rely on the safety of our products, which we guarantee using our effective quality systems. A thorough check of the end-product is very important. Customers are setting ever-stricter requirements and Hagé is more than happy to meet them. Through our Residu Management System we can also keep the amount of residue to a minimum. Our goal is to grow produce without any pesticides unless there is no alternative.